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Where to Find all the Incredibles Themed Snacks

If you haven’t heard yet Incredibles 2 if FINALLY in theaters and Disney has gone all out to celebrate.

Over in Disneyland Pixar Fest is currently going on and over in Walt Disney World there is The Incredible Tomorrowland Expo, both run till September 3rd.

Of course BOTH of these events are offering some pretty incredible treats to nosh on.

Let’s start in Disneyland shall we.

The first isn’t really Incredibles themed but it is Pixar and it’s the Pixar Lemon-Raspberry Cake (available at the Plaza Inn in DL and Pacific Wharf Café and Paradise Garden Grill at DCA) that is based around the iconic Pixar Ball!

The second offering is the ‘incredible’ Spicy Corn Dog available at the Corn Dog Castle in DCA. The third offering will be a permanent snack once Pixar Pier opens on June 23rd and that is Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums which will sell, you guessed it, cookies.

Moving over to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom…

Normally all the good themed food is offered over at the Disneyland resort but naturally the Magic Kingdom needed to get in on the fun with several new, limited edition food offerings.

The first is the Super Stretchy Burger that is based off of ElastaGirl and is available at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. Also at Cosmic Ray’s is the Super Foods Salad.

The most exciting food offering is of course based off our fave, Edna Mode. If you head over to Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodie’s you find Edna Mode’s “No Capes, Just Crêpes” Crêpe Sundae. I mean just the look of these treat has Ms. Mode’s stamp of approval.

Two versions of this goodie are available: the chocolate-hazelnut crêpe topped with ice cream and berries while the second is blackberry-lavender jam crêpe topped with ice cream and fruit-flavored cereal. I don’t know about you but I’m all about that chocolate-hazelnut aka Nutella crepe.

Last but not least is a pretzel every “super” needs, the Mrs. Incredible Pretzel Mask which can be found at The Lunching Pad.

Have you had any of these incredible snacks at either of the Disney Parks? If so let us know which one was your favorite.

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