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We’re getting ready to Rock the Dots

So, next week is Rock the Dots in celebration of Minnie Mouse. Who’s ready?

As much as I loved Disney growing up, I don’t remember ever having anything Minnie Mouse. I had an awesome Mickey Mouse jacket, with Mickey being all done in sequins. It was amazing (and I’ve always had an obsession with jackets). But no Minnie. Poor Minnie!

Over the past few years, I’ve started a Minnie Mouse collection. On our first trip to Disney, I walked into a gift shop, and I saw the cutest little Minnie Mouse apron. Classic red with the polka dots and ruffles around the edges. So. Cute. And there were also oven mitts made to look like the white gloves.

We went to Disney again a little over a year ago and, again, I walked into a gift shop and spotted the cutest Minnie cardigan. It’s white with red and black Minnie Mouse bows all over and I just had to have it.

But what’s really upped my Minnie obsession lately is Torrid. Back in November, I walked into my local Torrid and spotted the most perfect winter Minnie Mouse shirt – a white Minnie silhouette on a grey shirt, with the classic red Minnie bow covered in a little glitter, and snowflakes all over the silhouette. I loved it immediately, and I love that it’s not just a Christmas shirt – snowflakes means it can be worn all winter.

And now Torrid has decided to feed my recent obsession by introducing a new Minnie #RockTheDots collection. Seriously, go check it out! I am absolutely in love with the jean jacket. (I mentioned my jacket obsession, right?) I’m also going to be getting those socks! So cute! I might also have to get the Minnie sequined sweater. And the cardigan. Ok, I have a problem!

So, next week, Rock your Dots! Let’s all pay tribute to the beautiful little mouse named Minnie!

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