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We ❤️ Lego & Disney

Last Sunday was the 60th anniversary of Lego applying for their patent for the Lego brick. This is a big deal in our family. If you’ve seen any of Alexia’s mani videos, you’ve seen a few of our Lego minifigs. I don’t even know how to explain to you how many Legos we have. Our dining room is no longer a dining room. It was turned into the Lego Lab a number of years ago. Jon built a shelving unit to help store Lego bricks of various sizes. Gabriel has the Death Star. We spent a snow storm two years ago finishing the Lego AT-AT, and then posed it in the snow. We know almost every employee of our favorite Lego store by name (shout out to the Potomac Mills Lego store).

Disney and Lego is just the perfect combination. Both inspire imagination and encourage creativity. Both allow kids and parents to bond over a shared love.

We have so many Star Wars and Marvel sets. We have some of the old school Toy Story sets. We have a few of the Frozen sets – who doesn’t love Olaf? We have family builds with some of the larger sets, where we all participate in putting it together. Like I said, Lego and Disney is just a perfect combination.

Then, true magic happened a few years back, when Lego announced that they were releasing a Disney themed Collectible Minifig Set. We stood in the store the day they were released and felt every bag until we had all 18 minifigs. Yes, we are those people.

And then Disney and Lego decided to make my head and heart explode by releasing The Disney Castle set. It is amazing! There are little Disney easter eggs hidden all through the set. I want it! Unfortunately, my budget has informed me that I must be an adult and put adult responsibilities first for a while. But I do plan on getting that castle. The only reason we haven’t bought any of the other princess themed castles is because I’m holding out for the main attraction. (Also, my kids prefer to get the sets that are compatible with traditional Lego minifigs.)

So, if you and yours are also huge Lego geeks, let us know! Share your favorite Lego Disney set with us!

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