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Thor: Ragnarok #ManiMonday

Since the God of Thunder is back on the big screen we though we’d do a little Thor: Ragnarok inspired nail art. Now by we I mean Alexia who is the one with the magic [nail] brush in the family. 

Each nail represents a character from the movie:

  1. Thumb – Grand Master

  2. Pointer – Thor

  3. Middle – Valkyrie 

  4. Ring – Hulk

  5. Pinkie – Hela 

If you’re asking “Um’s where’s Loki?”, well that would because there are only 5 fingers and well Loki has had his turn in other nail art masterpieces. 

A post shared by Misti & Tammy (@cousinswhodisney) on Nov 6, 2017 at 5:26am PST

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