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Poison Apple Nail Art

🍎☠️Dip the apple in the brew.Let the sleeping death seep through.🍎☠️

This weeks nail art inspiration was The Evil Queen from Snow White. Nothing better represents her Majesty quite like the famed poison apple. No seriously, that deadly apple is everywhere in the Disney Parks right now.

Poison Apple Nail Look How-to:

First, I painted my nails with Color Club’s That’s My Jam, to represent the apple.

Then, I dipped a large dotting tool into Orly’s Thrill Seeker, and made two or three large dots on each nail, lifting the dotting tool up slightly and dragging it towards the cuticle after making each dot. This is to represent the poison on the poison apple.

Then I used the dotting tool to fill the half of the nail above the green drips with green. Finally, I used the dotting tool to make a small green dot below the green drips.

Let me know what you think! And, as always, feel free to suggest an idea for a future mani!

See y’all next time!


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