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Phew, I Survived the DisneyBound Challenge

I am still pretty new to DisneyBounding, don’t get me wrong I love it, but I’m still playing how DisneyBounding fits into my personal style. This is exactly why I was looking forward to the March DisneyBound Challenge. A full 31 days to stretching my style and DisneyBound creativity to see just how far I can stretch my wardrobe. Sign me up!

Thankfully Leslie (the brains behind @disneybound) put out the daily prompts in like February which should’ve given me plenty of time to figure everything out but I hit a wall. Like 4 days before the challenge I was standing in front of my closet and all I saw was a sea of black aka the NYC uniform. This is why FaceTime was invented. After an hour+ on FaceTime with Tammy and Alexia I had a solid plan for most of the days. I felt good, ready to go, then winter happened. 


Yes, NYC got hit a snow storm a week for most of March and since I suffer from extreme anxiety with it snows outside, I was stuck. How do I do this challenge without freezing my butt off outside? The answer was pre-shoot. My friend Val came all the way out to Brooklyn for 1) Brunch and 2) to help me pre-shoot a ton of looks. There were still days when I just didn’t have a pre-shot look available and my front stoop was buried under 5″+ of snow, which when the prompt for the day is Little Mermaid or Moana doesn’t really sell. For these days I used older images from last year as throw-back bounds.  

My favorite bounds from the month were Sleeping Beauty for Disney Princess day, Lucky for 101 Dalmatians day, Peach for Pixar Day, Gus Gus for Cinderella Day, Stitch for Disney Dog day, Clawhauser for Zootopia day, and of course Mickey Mouse for Vintage Inspired day. 

Overall I only missed 2 days which isn’t too bad for my first big challenge. You can see all of my looks from the March DisneyBound Challenge over on my personal IG page: mistimichellexo. 

If you participated in the DisneyBound Challenge let me what your favorite look/theme was that you did in the comments below. 



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