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New Disney Movie Trailers

Disney graced us with not one but TWO new teaser trailers this week for two of their upcoming fall/winter releases, Mary Poppins Returns and Christopher Robbin. 


This of course is the sequel of sorts to the beloved 1964 Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews. This new version sees Emily Blunt re-cast in the role of the famous nanny with Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame cast as Lamplighter Jack.  

We don’t get much in the trailer but we do see a return to Cherry Tree Lane a well as grown-up versions of Michael and Jane Banks, the children from the original film. 

Now I am excited for this one, Mary Poppins is one of my favorite films and I love Emily Blunt who I think was a perfect casting choice here. Plus we will get new music from Lin-Manuel.  


Now first, let us not get this confused with Goodbye, Christopher Robbin which is a totally different film that cam out in 2017.  Disney’s Christopher Robbin will follow a grown-up Christopher (Ewan McGregor) who seems to have lost his way a bit and will see the return of his silly, willy, nilly old bear Winnie the Pooh along with the rest of the residents of the Hundred Acre Woods. 

Now I’m not gonna lie, this trailer made me tear up a bit. I LOVE Pooh Bear, he was the first Disney character was I introduced to as a baby and that has stuck with me.  

What do you think of the two new trailers Disney gave us this week? Are you excited for either of these two films, yes or no let us know if the comments below. 

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