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Mani Monday – Avengers: Infinity War

We saw Infinity War yesterday, and not to be spoiler-y here, but we’re having a rough time.

But we are soldiering on to present you with this week’s mani inspiration.

Alexia has been having an especially rough time since yesterday, so she apologizes for the simplicity of this week’s inspiration. We might do another Infinity War inspired mani in a few months, once emotions have calmed down.

The Infinity Gauntlet

Thumb – Sally Hansen in Electric Emerald for the Time Stone

Index finger – Formula X in Pedal to the Metal for the Power Stone

Middle finger – Formula X in Beacon the Space Stone

Ring finger – Revlon in Revlon Red for the Reality Stone

Pinky finger – Sally Hansen in Sun Kissed for the Soul Stone

Each finger represents the corresponding infinity stone. Cover all nails in a coat of clear glitter polish, to get that infinity stone shimmer. Alexia used Essie in Pure Pearlfection.

We know we’re missing the Mind Stone. But Alexia is not the six fingered man, so,yeah. But check out the background Alexia picked this week – that’s her nod to the Mind Stone.

That’s it!

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