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Lilo and Stitch is Just the Best!

Last Saturday was a super fun one in our world. Alexia helped with our AHG troop’s Dad/Daughter event. It was for our 3rd – 5th grade girls, and was completely planned and run by our Jr and Sr High school girls. The girls who planned it decided to give it a luau theme, and show the movie Lilo and Stitch.

And you all know how I feel about Stitch! He’s just my favorite!

The girls who planned this were so creative! The girls and their dads made leis, and the girls got to make their own Minnie ears with sequin bows that could either attach to the ears or come off and clip in the girls hair. So cute!

There was a hula dance, a limbo contest, a face painting station, and a selfie booth. It was adorable.

But the thing I loved was that our girls picked a movie with such a great message for the younger girls. Ohana.

Say it with me now, Ohana means family; and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

As much as I love Stitch, I haven’t seen the movie in a number of years. I forgot just how amazing this movie is. It tackles some pretty serious topics, but Disney did it so well. It never feels like it’s too much, and the seriousness is balanced well with humor and hope.

Most of the girls and dads who came to the event had never seen the movie. And they loved it. The girls liked how cute and funny Stitch was, and that Stitch found a place to belong. And the dads loved that their daughters saw a story where the family supported each other, even when they had messed up.

I love that the sisters fight for each other, even though they still fight with each other.

And isn’t that what we all want reassurance of? That our family will love and support and help us, even when we’ve messed up? Especially when we’ve messed up!

I just love this movie!

A lot of the girls who came were dressed as Disney characters, and the girls who were running the event did the DisneyBounding that we all enjoy so much.

I had to share this picture with you all. Alexia came as Lilo, and one of the girls came in a Stitch costume. How perfect is that, set against our selfie booth background?

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