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It’s Been One Whole Year!

Misti and I have just passed the one year mark on our blog, and I thought I’d tell you all a quick background story on how this came together.

Gather around for story time with Tammy!

So, Misti and I didn’t know each other that well growing up. There’s an age gap between us, and I was an Army brat and we moved a bit. We never lived anywhere close to each other, and cell phones and Facebook didn’t exist yet.

We first started to getting to know each other when Misti moved to New York. Which still isn’t close, in the way that most people think of close, but it was closer than Denver!

So, Misti has moved to New York and came down to visit my family for Easter – I think it was Easter her first visit. It was about 10 years ago, and she was giving us a test run. She literally came down for the day. We must have done a great job convincing her we were totally normal people, because at Thanksgiving she came for the whole weekend. And we slowly started getting to know each other.

My whole life I’d had friends who would talk about their cousins as some of their best friends. And I never understood that, and mostly I thought they were weird. Because all my cousins who were anywhere close to my age lived far away and we never knew each other. My cousin Kathryn, from my mom’s side of the family, I got to watch grow up. But there’s a 14 year age gap, so until she became an adult, there wasn’t really a friend vibe.

Getting to know Misti as a cousin and friend has been an great experience.

We’ve discovered we have a lot in common and have many shared interests. We text a stupid amount every day (seriously, so much texting) and FaceTime about once a week. We never talk on the phone – the phone is only for crises. And, unfortunately, we’ve had some of those. But those shared bad times have made us closer.

We even took a family vacation together to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios. It was a few months after our Florida trip that we first started talking about doing the blog together.

The reason behind the blog was to have something fun that we could do together that would allow us express our creativity. It’s started with just Misti and me, but it’s expanded beyond us.

My kids have contributed – my girls have been in some of the videos, and Alexia does the Mani Monday videos. Gabriel has done some Lego sets for us (and look for more of those coming soon!) My nephews helped taste a food experiment this past summer and some of their pictures made it onto the blog.

I wrote a post about generations connected by Disney and had pictures of my mom and me in the post, with my sister helping take pictures of us for it. And we’re hoping that we can eventually get Jon to join us in a video.

This fun project for the two of us has become a family project. And I really think that’s just so very Disney. Because as we all know, Disney is about family. Connecting families, and friends, with a little bit of special magic.

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