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I Have a Problem, A Geeky Mugs Problem

My kids would tell you. I think they’re concerned. What is my problem? Mugs. They’re everywhere. And I can’t stop getting them. But not just any mugs.

Special mugs. Mostly geek mugs.

I think it really started back in college – that’s when I bought my first special and unique mug. My mom and I were out shopping and wandered into a store and found this little white mug – just a plain white mug. No big deal, nothing special. Until you picked it up and looked inside. And there, sitting looking up at you, was a frog. I bought it and waited for the next time a friend was over and wanted coffee. Then I just waited for them to drink enough out of it that the little frog appeared – it really was just a great reaction.

But it’s only been in the last 3 years or so that I’ve started actively looking for fun and geeky mugs. It evolved out of the whole handbag realization – just because I’m an adult, doesn’t mean my belongings have to be “adult”. Because a lot of times, “adult” things are boring and dull. I don’t want a cupboard full of blue mugs or white mugs. I want fun!

Now we have Captain America and Hulk and Iron Man. We have the Infinity Gauntlet and Spider-Man. We have B.B.-8, C3-P0, and R2-D2. Along with Chewbacca and Bobba Fett. There’s a Harry Potter cauldron and a disappearing Marauder’s Map. Baymax, Genie, Darth Maul, Olaf.  We have so many mugs.

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Stitch! He might be my favorite. And we did have a Mike Wazowksi, but he tragically broke in a horrific kitchen sink accident. A moment of silence for Mike.

Recently I found a collection of Disney mugs being sold near me – Minnie’s head and Mickey’s shorts and Donald’s head. Super fun.

I have a Goofy mug that makes a funny splash and a noise when you drink from it, because of the liquid going down into his face. I don’t know if it was intentional in the design, but I love it. Makes me laugh every time I use it, so it’s the perfect mug when I’m feeling grumpy.

I prefer mugs that are shaped to the character, instead of being a basic shaped mug with an image on them. They are more fun when they’re uniquely shaped. But unique shapes tend to take up more storage space. And now I’ve pretty much run out of space to store them. Which is what has caused my kids to realize just how many mugs we now have and tell me I have a problem.

So, how should I start storing these many, many mugs? Because if I find an awesome mug next week, I’m buying it! But it has to have a safe home in the kitchen. So, please help me!

Give me some great ideas for storing my collection!

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