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I Did Walt Disney World in a Day

In case you missed it, I recently hit up Walt Disney World for the Spring 2018 Dapper Day. I also decided to make that visit a day trip. I know what you’re thinking: a day trip to Disney World…but don’t you, Misti, live in New York?  The answer to all of that is yes but yet I did it anyway.

I 100% went to Walt Disney World for just one day.

So how did I do it? Will I ever do it again? Did you survive? These are all great questions, so here is how I managed to pull off an out-of-state day trip to the Magic Kingdom.

The Why’s of It

The idea of going to WDW for Dapper Day started after the Fall 2017 outings. Seeing/IG stalking the Disney regulars (Sarah Sterling, Tiff Mink, Leo Camacho, Patrick Dougall, Chelsea Watson, etc) and seeing just how fun it was to attend the event kinda made me want to go even more.  Since I was already planning a Disneyland trip for Halloween 2018, I knew that if I wanted to do Dapper Day this year, it would need to be the Spring 2018 WDW outing.

How, How, How

So the short answer to that is first flight out of JFK and last flight out of Orlando. The longer answer is that originally I wasn’t gonna do a day trip. The original idea was to fly out Friday night and fly back on Sunday, BUT in the time I spent working out flight details all the affordable WDW hotel rooms booked up. Thus the idea of the day trip was born.

Gonna Do it Again?

Honestly no. If I was in my 20’s maybe but I’m in my mid-thirties and I did not enjoy the rushing around aspect of it. Plus having never had to use the Ticket & Transportation Center to access Magic Kingdom, I did not realize how much time it took just to get from point A to point B.

I should note that once I got into the park, I had a blast.

There was also the issue that due to my flight times, I had to leave before the fireworks which meant that I didn’t get to see Happily Ever After, which really kinda bummed me out.

Well You Survived

Barely, I barely survived. I was 100% exhausted, more so than a normal trip to WDW. By the time I got home from flight back to NYC I had been up for almost a solid 24-hours (minus a few hours I was able to sleep on the plane). It didn’t help that I needed to be on a plane again at 10am on Sunday. My feet were not happy with me, that was for sure.


This whole idea of a day trip to WDW actually started after my first visit to The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter about 2 1/2 years ago. So while I’m glad I tested my theory and yes it is technically possible, next time I go down to Disney World you can bet I will be staying overnight at lease one night.

Will you ever try a day trip to a Disney park if you live out of state/town like me? Let us know in the comments below.

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