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Haunted Mansion Hallway Dilemma

So, in case you haven’t heard this story in one of our videos, let me tell you all about our trip to Disney World a couple years ago. Jon was very much looking forward to The Haunted Mansion ride. A lot. It’s his favorite ride. We get to Disney, go to the ride, and . . . it was closed. Seriously.

We did some asking around and found out that it would reopen at the end of the week, so we made plans to be at the park that day, bright and early, to go on the ride. The day came, we went on the ride, it was super fun, and we had a great time. Then Jon and Alexia decided to go for a second round. And then Jon disappeared. Seriously. Alexia came off the ride and found us and was all chatty and excited, but Jon was nowhere to be found. Alexia said he was in the gift shop, so we went looking for him.

And still, he was nowhere to be found.

After more than 15 minutes, Jon came walking out of the gift shop. I’m sure you’re wondering the same thing we were – where was he? We had searched the gift shop and he wasn’t there. So, what was the story? Turns out, he was getting a picture of himself as a zombie. Or maybe a ghost? Check out the picture and see for yourself. Depending on what angle you look at, he either looks like normal Jon, or a decaying zombie thing. It can be quite startling.

And with that picture, Jon decided he wanted to make a Haunted Mansion themed wall in our house. And because I’m an awesome wife, I agreed. But I agreed to give him a tiny wall that is downstairs, by the garage door. It’s about 2 feet wide, maybe 2 1/2.

Here’s the problem I now have. He has collected quite a few items for his wall. He has the picture of himself, one of the Hatbox Ghost, and a few classic posters that Misti gave him for Christmas. In addition, the kids gave him a seriously cool candelabra from the Haunted Mansion gift shop. And he has the music box and an hourglass. Like I said, quite a few items. He’s also planning on creating the wall paper pattern on the wall. It really is going to be amazing, when it’s all finished.

Ok, so to my problem. He has too many items for the tiny wall that I gave him. And I’m feeling guilty for telling him he has to use the tiny wall, especially after he did the Bucky wall for me. Now I’m thinking that I need to give him a bigger area, but the only wall we have is the upstairs hallway. It’s much bigger – about 7 feet. But I think I might be crazy to turn my upstairs hallway into a Haunted Mansion hall. What do you think?

No, seriously. What do you think? Do I turn over my upstairs hall to a Haunted Mansion theme, or keep it to the tiny downstairs hall? Let me know!

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