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Favorite Summer Disney Style Picks

Let’s be real, Disney has been KILLING their style game lately. Between the Spirit Jerseys, the new Minnie Ears, and all the collaborations, I am clearly just giving ALL my money to Disney this summer.

To help narrow in down I am picking my top 5 favorite summer Disney Style picks that are available now.

Disney x TOMS Cinderella Collection – So Disney and TOMS are actually doing a full Disney Princesses collection and first up is Cinderella and OH. MY. PUMPKINS are these shoes cute. There are five styles to choose from but my favorite is the Blue Glass Slipper Alpargata’s. Done in the classic Cinderella blue with her iconic blue slipper on the front these cute Disney kicks feature our favorite mice, Jaq and Gus-Gus, on the inside.

Cakeworthy Mickey Ice Cream Crossbody – We all know everything tastes better in Mickey Shape and well that now also applies to our accessories. The amazing folks over at Cakeworthy came up with the best way to enjoy the infamous Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar year round.  This crossbody will make for some Instagram worthy pics both in and out of the Disney parks.

Whosits and Whatsits Dreams Come True Tee – All us Disney fans agree that the world became a more magical place when Walt opened Disneyland in 1955. Well what better way than to celebrate with this super cute, vintage inspired tee.

Minnie Mouse Floral Ears Headband – Well it seems like Disney is releasing new, Instagram worthy Minnie Ears every other week, I LOVE this simple floral headband. These Minnie Ears will provide a good pop of color and some texture to any picture, plus they are just super pretty. Even better these ARE available online, so no park trip is required to snag these babies.

Disneyland Spirit Jersey in Millennial Pink – You didn’t think I’d forget about the oh so popular Spirit Jersey did you? These popular oversized shirts are perfect for chilly summer nights. If pink isn’t your thing, don’t worry there are lots of options online or at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks.

It is just the start of summer and I for one cannot wait to see what else Disney has in store for us this summer.

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