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Favorite Disney Handbags

Ok, let’s talk accessories! So for a long time, I did the “grown up” handbag thing. Vera Bradley became Michael Kors and Kate Spade and DKNY. And I love all my beautiful bags. But I realized that even though Michael and Kate and Donna made beautiful bags, they didn’t really represent me. So I went looking for something that would.

I know it might seem silly, to go on a quest to find a handbag that really felt like you – it’s just a handbag, right? The answer to that question is no – it’s not just a handbag. As a mom, sometimes you start to feel like your personality is starting to get lost. So you want to find a way to represent yourself.

Then one day, Misti sent me a link to a BB-8 handbag. And oh my gosh! I realized that my inner geek wanted to speak. So I began my geek handbag collection. 

My collection has grown – among my top five are BB-8, an R2-D2 handbag (with matching coin purse!), a classic Disney crossbody, a Harry Potter Owl Post handbag, and my personal favorite, my classic Disney princess handbag that’s done in a tattoo style. I love it – it makes me so happy. It’s the one I use the most.

I will say, I get a mix of both strange looks and compliments. And at first, the strange looks (and occasional rude comment about my age and my purse) made me feel self conscious. But I quickly learned that I don’t care. I love my geek side. I love that my kids and I have all these geek fandoms to connect and bond over. And I love that my daughter is joining me in the geek handbag world.

So if you’re like Misti and me, and you love all things Disney and geeky, enjoy it and celebrate it. Not everyone is as awesome as we are.

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