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Eating at Be Our Guest

Ever since I found out that one can actually eat the infamous Grey Stuff I knew I had to try it. So when I was at Walt Disney World back in April for Dapper Day I got myself a reservation at Be Our Guest and got my eat on.

The Decor

Okay first off, the decor is top notch, I mean you are eating inside of Beast’s castle.  There are three main dining rooms: The Ballroom which you see when you first walk in, The West Wing but you must never go there, and The Art Gallery(?). Now I ate in the third room which I guess is an art gallery (but let’s be honest it should’ve been Belle’s library).

If you want the MOST Beauty and the Beast theming you’ll want to snag a seat in The West Wing. That is you’ll see magic snow (in Florida) and is home to the enchanted rose. However be warned it is like super dark in that room so if you want good pics of anything it’s not a great option. The gallery however is well lit and has a massive statue of Belle and Beast.

The Food

Now naturally the food here is gonna be French inspired but even picky eaters (like moi) will find something.  I had the Croque Monsieur which is basically like a fancy grilled cheese with Pom Frites (aka French fries).

The really winners are the desserts, there is a total of seven desserts on the lunch menu. If you want the Grey Stuff (because duh) you’ll want to get The Master’s Cupcake. I also tried the Lemon Raspberry Creme Puff which is not only gluten free but also has no additional added sugar.

Lunch beverages are gonna be the typical offerings of coffee, tea, milk, lemonade, soda and water. Alcoholic beverages are only offered at dinner time.

You can see the whole menu on the Walt Disney World site.

The Take Away

Be Our Guest might be the best themed restaurant I’ve eaten at to-date, plus it is the only way to see inside of Beast’s Castle. The food is good with the real winner being the desserts. It is a good option if you don’t want the typical theme park eats of burgers, chicken nuggets, etc.

Have you eaten at Be Our Guest? If so what are your thoughts?

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