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Disneyland Jungle Cruise Nail Art – Mani Monday

Did you know that this week is the anniversary of Disneyland opening? To celebrate, we challenged Alexia to do her nails with a theme inspired by one of the original attractions when the park first opened. She went with the Jungle Cruise. So, join us on a quick (nail) trip through the attraction!

Jungle Cruise Inspired Nail Art

Thumb – The first thing you’re going to see when you get on the boat is your tour guide. Alexia used Essie in Sand Tropez for the khaki shirt, The Color Workshop in Black for the shirt opening, and OPI in Ice-bergers & Fries for the buttons.

The rest of the fingers all started with a base of Formula X in Let’s Do This to represent the water. On top of that she did the following designs:

Index Finger – Orly in Thrill Seeker coming from the edge of the nail in toward the center of the nail, to represent a palm frond. She used a line of Sally Hansen in Electric Emerald down the center of the palm frond.

Middle Finger – An alligator nose is sticking up out of the water, done with Sally Hansen in Electric Emerald and a touch of The Color Workshop in Black for the eyes. The Electric Emerald color is from Sally Hansen’s magnetic collection, and Alexia used the magnet to add dimension to the alligator.

Ring Finger – You never know what animals are watching from the jungle. Fortunately, this one is just a cute little monkey, running away! Alexia made the monkey tail with OPI in Ice-bergers & Fries.

Pinky Finger – Back to the dock after your adventure! Alexia used Essie in Sand Tropez to make the dock jutting into the water, followed by OPI in Ice-bergers & Fries to add details to the dock.

We hope you enjoy the manicure – Alexia certainly enjoyed creating it! Let us know what inspiration Alexia should use in the future!

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