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Daisy Duck Inspired Nail Art

Happy birthday Daisy Duck *! In celebration of you, Alexia has created a Daisy inspired mani for today.

Ring finger

OPI in Alpine Snow, topped with a pretty pink bow using China Glaze in Peonies & Park Avenue.

Alexia used a nail stamp to create a perfect bow. I think we can all agree that Daisy is known for her bow. (And her patience with Donald, but that can’t be conveyed in nail polish.)

All other fingers

China Glaze in That’s Shore Bright, topped with a stripe of Cherry Chree in a bright blue shade (ours was a sample bottle from a gift set, so we aren’t sure of the exact shade).

The purple represents Daisy’s classic shirt, and the blue is a nod to her bracelet. Make sure you paint the stripe toward one side of the nail, and not down the center.

We don’t know how you feel about Daisy, but personally, she’s always been a favorite.

Her love for her man, even when he’s exasperating her, is what makes Daisy so lovable. But at the same time, she calls Donald out on his nonsense.

What do you love about the birthday girl?

*Daisy’s birthday is a little hard to nail down but according to good old Wikipedia it is May 16th. 

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