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Captain Marvel: Higher! Further! Faster!

As I left the theater after seeing Captain Marvel my first thought was OMG THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME! My second thought was how in the world do I write a review that contains no spoilers but still drives home how much I love this movie?

Easy…I’m not gonna write a review. Instead I’m gonna write about my key take aways that really stuck with me.

WARNING: I’m going to try my best to be as spoiler free as possible but stop reading NOW if you don’t want to know anything! Just come back and read this once you’ve seen it.

Okay…good…here we go. The opening title is gonna hit you right in the feels. And yes I’m talking about the opening Marvel logo. It’s an important tribute, so bring tissues.

This is the first female-lead Marvel movie. I think it’s important that the Marvel team didn’t go with one of their already established characters i.e. Black Widow, but instead choose someone new. Along those same lines the fact that this movie basically serves as a prequel for the modern MCU universe is pretty important (post-Captain America/pre-Iron Man era)

Remember when in Iron Man, Coulson says “this isn’t my first rodeo” while now we know what rodeo he was talking about.

The soundtrack is a 90’s girls dream. My middle and high school years were in the 90’s so I can tie every single song in the movie back to a moment in my life. Like when I first heard No Doubt’s “Just A Girl”, Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” or “I’m Only Happy WhenIt Rains” from Garbage.

Goose is now my favorite cat ever and I am not a cat person.

Finally, the overall message here is what stuck with me. There is a line that Carol Danvers delivers “I don’t have to prove anything to you” that just screamed GIRL POWER. And that is exactly what this movie is about, girl power. I’m not talking about this in the meta sense (because she does kick a lot of butt). I’m talking about how women are told to hold our emotions back, how we are not good enough, we will not fly the planes, drive the cars, or just lead.

Carol Danvers breaks down every one of those blocks and proves that she is the most important piece of the MCU puzzle. There is a reason Disney/Marvel released this movie on International Women’s Day.

So there you go, my kinda non-spoiler thoughts on this amazing film that puts the HER back into Hero and proves we can go Higher! Further! Faster!

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