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Building the LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

You know that MASSIVE, 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon set LEGO put out in 2017? You know the one that costs $800?? Well if you couldn’t guess already by the title, that is now the proud showpiece in the homegrown LEGO lab. What better way to end LEGO week right?

Gabriel recently purchased this massive set and we decided to see just how long it took him to put this together. Yes, he put this together all by himself, and yes he did things like sleep, work, etc.

DAY 1 – 8/18/18 

After hauling this set back from the LEGO Gabriel got started around 6pm ET and ended around 12am with bag #5 (out of 17).

DAY 2 – 8/19/18 

Gabriel started bright and early here at around 7:45am. On day 2 he worked on this on and off throughout the day, ending on bag #11.

DAY 3 – 8/20/18 

Again, Gabriel worked on this throughout the day but started with bag #12 and finished with the final bag (#17). Yup it took him around 2 1/2 days to build a 7,500 piece LEGO set.

Now Gabriel is what I call a LEGO pro, the speed at which I’ve seen him put together these sets is unreal and you should see some of the custom creation he makes, they are amazing.

Naturally the is the 3rd Millennium Falcon LEGO on display in the LEGO lab. Below you can see all of them next to each other to really get a sense how big this new set is.

What is the largest LEGO set you’ve ever put together? Let us know if the comments below.

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