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10 Magically Inspired Gifts for Style Lovers on the List

Well Thanksgivings is over and now we shop! Over the next few weeks we will be revealing our Holiday Gift Guide with picks in beauty, style, home, lifestyle, and picks for kids by kids.

Beauty & Style Holiday Gift Guide

ColourPop x Disney Princess Palette

Not only is this palette super affordable, we’re talking $20 here people, but it’s also themed after ALL the Disney Princesses. ColourPop pressed powders are actually pretty good quality, so you’re not wasting money. Plus with shade names like One Kiss?, Thingamabob, and Midnight Curfew, this is perfect for all the makeup lovers on your list.

Mickey Mouse Club Travel Set

Who’s the leader of the [travel] club? Mickey Mouse of course. If you have a jet-setter on your list than this travel set is a must-have. This set will give them everything they need to travel in style, Disney Style that is.

IT’s Your Life-Changing Skincare Gift Set

Now this one might not be “magically inspired” per say but it’s great for this trips to the park. Y’all know by know we LOVE IT Cosmetics so this travel set is a must-have. This set includes everything from cleanser to moisturizers, and even eye cream. All in easy, TSA approved sizes.

Mickey Mouse Cosmetic Case

Okay this is just too cute not to include on the list. Any beauty gal will LOVE to be able to store their Sephora haul in this cute, Mickey Mouse cupcake themed case.

Otterbox Disney Phone Case

If you’re like us, you drop your phone A LOT. Thankfully Otterbox has some super cute Disney phone cases that will not only protect your phone but also bring a little Mickey, Minnie, or Princess Power into your life.

Cakeworthy Mickey Mouse Faux Fur Jacket

How do you make winter a little more bearable? With this super cute, warm, cozy Mickey Mouse jacket of course. Cakeworthy gave us this little gem as part of their Mickey 90 collection.

Loungefly x Disney Lion King Tote

Just in time for the new teaser trailer for next summer’s live action The Lion King. We love these less in-your-face styles from Loungefly. This tote features an embossed Mufasa with a Rafiki’s sybol drawing tag. This is going to be a must-have in 2019 for any Lion King fan.

Disney x VANS Collection

There are so many styles from this collection we want in our own wardrobe so we KNOW any Disney fan in your life will want the same. Our faves are the classic color-blocked Mickey low-tops, the Minnie Mouse slip-ons, and these Mickey Thru the Ages designs.

Lost Bros Tees

We love a good graphic tee and one of our favorite shops is The Lost Bros. They put out really cute, well thought out designs. Some of Misti’s personal favorites are the Jersey style tees and the “Greetings From” tees. So if you have a tee lover on your list, these will be sure to please.

Whosits and Whatits 

Along with Lost Bros, WhosIts and WhatIts is such a great shop. Tiff Mink really comes up with some great and unique designs, like the new Wreck It Ralph inspired jacket. Even better they offer gift cards, so if you’re not sure what to get exactly or you know sizes and what not, you’ll still be able to give a gift card.

We hope these ideas help you with whomever you might have on your list. Stay tuned for next week when we share our picks for the home, kitchen, and everything in-between.

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