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We regularly receive products directly from brands, manufacturers, public relations companies, and brand marketing firms in order to consider these products for editorial consideration.  Additionally, we attend product launches, press previews, conventions, private interview functions and other events to meet experts and test new services. Unless otherwise stated on this website, all content on this site has been directly sampled and extensively tested prior to an editorial review being published.  Complimentary services, gratis products, and press samples in no way compromise our judgment as to what is covered on CousinsWhoGeek.com.  Products and experiences that do not meet the high standards of the CousinsWhoGeek.com editorial staff will not receive coverage.
CousinsWhoGeek.com does not guarantee positive reviews or reviews on behalf of any product or company. It is our firm belief that our editorial opinion is ours and ours alone for the purposes of publication on this site.
Please also note that we additionally cover products and experiences on CousinsWhoGeek.com that we have experienced and purchased on our own without brand or public relations knowledge.


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